Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day in South Dakota

Well, we started out on our trek to South Dakota after Jason got home from work on Wednesday evening. Our rationale well something like this...Tyson is fussy in the evenings, Tyson usually calms down in the car so it should be a perfect solution. We were sooooo wrong. The entire trip was horrendous. It took hours to calm Tyson down enough to rest at all and then as soon as we got him asleep we drove into a very loud rain storm that woke him up immediately. He is such a curious little fella that I even tried blocking his view of the window so he would not have anything to look at in hopes he would give up and sleep....
turns out I should have brought a blanket without any pictures on it. My "idea" just have Tyson something different to examine....grrr. The trip itself was so horrible that I was very worried about what the rest of the weekend would be like...but Tyson slept through the night the entire time in South Dakota! Who's kid is this? Well, as soon as we got back to Wisconsin, he reverted back to his old ways. What kind of kid does better when out of his element?

Taking one of many baths at grandma's...since he was sleeping so well, he tended to pee through everything so we had to keep bathing him. I'm thinking this picture should be shown to his first girlfriend...what do you think?

Anna is the daughter of our great friends Sue and Herb (who's real name is Ryan). She is a very old 2 1/2 judging by her vocabulary and such a sweetheart. She also does a very mean chicken dance and isn't too bad at the hokey pokey either:)

Now it's great-grandma Peggy and great grandpa Everett's turn to hold Tyson. Peggy is always behind the camera (I have now been dubbed the new Peggy) so I thought it was time to get her in a picture.

Everett holding Tyson and his 2nd cousin Tyler...born only a week apart.

Again, I thought was a great time to get a pic of mom/baby but as you can see it didn't turn out like I wanted it too. Not only is Tyson making a very wierd face but you can easily tell that I am trying to direct Jason how to use my camera through my smile...resulting in my very wierd face. Oh well.
I just need to include the itinerary (sp?) of the weekend cuz it was so crazy, I can't even believe we fit it all in. Friday night was the rehearsal, followed by rehearsal dinner followed by Tyson's baby shower, followed by a surprise 50th birthday party of a family friend of the Haak's. Saturday was the wedding and busy enough...Sunday afternoon, Marilyn (the bride) had all kinds of people over in hopes of getting rid of all of the leftover food and Sunday night was Jason's Grandpa Everett's 85th birthday party. Honestly...we had originally thought about getting Tyson baptized that weekend but I think it would've had to be done in the middle of the night as there was no other time...I am exhausted.

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