Wednesday, September 3, 2008

cuz they're cousins....identicle cousins....

Tyson and Tyler were born only a week apart. Due to their similar birthdays and similar names, people often get confused. On the night of Grandpa Everett's birthday party, the boys showed up with the same outfit on...and their moms didn't even plan it I swear! Of course, we had to try to document the moment. You can't even see Tyson's clothes due to the fact that since he discovered his hands, they are always folded in front of him. I still think the picture is cute. Tyson started out about 2 1/2 pounds lighter than Tyler at birth...but now they are almost the same size. This could mabye be due to the fact that my kid is a rediculous eater...taking at least 8 ounces per feeding. I am starting to worry that we will end up on one of those talk shows with the 100 pound toddler.
This is a picture of the boys taken the day before when they were both a little happier. Although I am now realizing that Tyson looks completely exhausted in both shots...ironically, this was when Tyson was sleeping his best.

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nsmorinville said...

Taya did the same of the first times she slept through the night was at my mom and dads and that was cuz I needed a break to sleep:)