Tuesday, September 8, 2009

so sad...

Well folks, today I am going to tell you a story about a very flighty girl who may have possibly lost her camera.  I took it with me to the park over the weekend to take some great pictures of Tyson playing in the sand (and by playing, I mean eating). Unfortunately, the camera has been MIA since then. I am usually extremely careful with my camera as I use it pretty frequently but I know I did put it in the diaper bag and left it somewhat unattended momentarily while I gathered Tyson up and tried to force his little jaw open to spit out the remaining sand (seriously, he'll eat sand like it's a gourmet meal but green beans are offensive???). I then grabbed the bag and set off for home and have been camera-less since then. Of course, that's when Tyson has been at his cutest and most mischievous. I've now missed some fantastic (though pretty unsuccessful) attempts at using cutlery all by himself (the fact that there is a "right" side to the spoon seems to escape him) as well as some other interesting sitcom worthy situations. I am oh so sad. Beside the fact that I am going through camera withdrawals, I am mourning the loss of some great pictures from our trip back to South Dakota for Danielle and Wes's wedding. Hopefully a prayer to St. Anthony or two will help it turn up but in the meantime, I have no pictures.
 A few months ago I began selling things on ebay to save up enough money for a digital SLR camera and I am tantalizingly close but here's the kicker: in order to sell more items (to earn more money to buy my camera), I need to be able to take pictures of said items. Now I have no camera so I can't sell the items so can't buy my camera! See my dilemma? So maybe I could use a few prayers from you all as well. Without my camera, you will have to put up with all of my rants without the distraction of new cute Tyson pictures....so get crackin'.

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