Monday, August 24, 2009

summertime fun...

Well, so far we've had a great summer....wild but fun. We've traveled to see family and had some family traveling to see us. Tyson had a great time in June with Grandma and Grandpa Svaren. PS-Grandpa, thanks for teaching him the headbutt...I now look like the 5th grader who keeps sitting on her glasses but wears them anyway.
We also took a day one weekend that Jason and I miraculously weren't working and headed to the zoo in hopes that Tyson would enjoy the animals. All in all it was a good day.
We saw everything from giraffes to flamingos (which made me want to imitate them while I pretended I was Chrissy from Three's Company...anyone else remember that...anyone?). At one point I'm pretty my child would've shared his cheerios with the alligator. That's kind of a big deal because he doesn't share food with ANYONE....unless it's half chewed and found to be something less than desirable and/or God forbid healthy. 

Though Jason and I found the animals fun and interesting, we could've saved a trip to Madison and just let Tyson try to figure out how the wheels on his stroller work. I have this sinking feeling that once he figures out his dexterity, many many things will be taken apart and sacrificed to the God of curiosity. 
I am still perplexed as to what the hell this thing is. It looks like a some sort of gerbil on steroids. 
The best part of the day was that it wore him out! Honestly, this kid sleeps so seldom in the car that we almost always have to catch in on film. Jason now has this picture as his screen saver on his phone...yep, it's that big a deal. 

Anyway, we've been having a great time lately. Tyson remains a ridiculously picky eater (though we discovered a new love of grapes in this household...oh happy day)  and as always is a little dicey with the naps. He's a strong willed little feller but loads of fun. He's repeating everything I say (always interesting) and even figuring out the meanings of some words. He spent a solid 20 minutes on our deck barking at the neighbors dog yesterday and I was so excited that he'd made the connection that dogs do indeed bark that I failed to realize that every kid in their yard (she runs a daycare) had stopped playing to watch the pale, barking kid. And I was darn proud to be the pale momma of the pale barking kid. 

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