Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to keep a toddler occupied: travel edition.

So on an extremely positive note, Jason found my camera wedged underneath one of the seats in the minivan. I was thrilled to be able to upload our pictures from the most recent trip from South Dakota. Above is a great pre-wedding shot of Tyson and Darel (his uncle). Here's a little tip for those of you who didn't already know this...15 month old children don't sit through a wedding very well. The first 5 minutes after being seated were spent alternating between testing out the cathedrals acoustics with his various loud noises and banging his head on the pew cuz he thought it was funny.  
I thought the food at the reception was phenomenal. Tyson thought the plates were great.
At one of our rest stops at a McDonalds, Tyson enjoyed playing with the super cool picnic benches...
but was appalled at some lady who LEFT HER TODDLER IN THE CAR while getting her food. Around here people get in serious trouble for doing that to dogs and she LEFT HER TODDLER IN THE CAR unattended and strapped in his seat WITH THE CAR a not so small town. Someone easily could have driven away with that kid. He screamed the whole time. I almost called the cops but didn't have my phone with me because Jason had taken the van to fill up so I took down her license plate number and waited there until the mom came back. I am still shaken up by that. After that we got back in our van and Tyson found his feet.
I know my sisters are dying of laughter at this moment while viewing this picture of Tyson sucking on his toes. I chose to preserve the tiny bit of dignity I have left and will let your imaginations run. 
All in all, it was a great trip. We loved seeing everyone and as always it was hard to come home. We miss you!!!

PS- for those of you wondering, we did in fact have a DVD player this time and it was glorious. Elmo, Baby Einstein and I are now great friends.

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Julz said...

I LOVE the toe picture!!!!! That's awesome!!!!