Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let me entertain you...

I realize it's now the middle of January and I have yet to post anything about the holidays that doesn't involve somebody's bodily functions. This video pretty much sums up what it's like to spend Christmas with a toddler who is just grasping what this season is all about. The first part is his Christmas program from his daycare/our church (they happen to be at the same place) which is followed by Tyson singing his program song by himself and then another little ditty to make everyone smile. I originally had thought that recording Tyson singing his song alone would help everyone to understand the words a little better but realized that it may be difficult without his translator (read: mommy). Enjoy.

P.S.-yes that is Tyson squealing. That was the sound of him realizing a large room full of people were looking at him. Yes, he's also the one that bowed and prompted everyone to keep clapping. I have no idea where he gets these traits.

P.P.S-soon to come, a description of the loud discussion regarding Jesus that takes place during Christmas eve mass. (spoiler alert: the story ends with Tyson yelling "that silly Jesus!")

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Jo said...

I have watched this twice already this morning. I think this is totally precious and it makes me smile.