Friday, January 28, 2011

Indoor fun

One of Tyson's many christmas gifts was a subscription to Highlights magazine (thanks mom!). I have many fond memories of Highlights so I was super excited when the first issue came. Since I am usually at a loss as far as keeping Tyson busy, I was even more excited to see there were some easy activities that we could tackle (meaning something easy enough for me to not screw up).
In order to make a crown you need some construction paper, a scissors, some tape and in our case, a boat load of stickers to make decorating fun.
Oh yeah, a pen helps to curl the edges if you wanna get fancy. Tyson was all about decorating with stickers but really wasn't sure about wearing the crown.
Luckily, Owen and Grace were all over it...
So Tyson decided to give it a try.
I was even peer pressured into making my own. (note: construction paper is not quite long enough for my large head)
Pros-we wasted a solid block of time doing something other than watching Little Einsteins. The kids had a great time.
Cons: there is now a picture on the internet of me looking this awesome. I grew up to be so cool.

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Julie said...

I like your crown the best! You DID grow up to be sooo cool!!! LOVE IT! Thanks for keeping us updated with life in the Haak household! Love and miss all of you! xoxoxox