Saturday, October 9, 2010

the world is your chalkboard

Drawing has become a favorite activity in the Haak household. Tyson enjoys it because it helps develop his ability to express himself (I totally paid attention in developmental psych). I enjoy it because I enjoy seeing him happy...and sitting still.

Any good artist knows that you have to develop many techniques in order to produce good work. In Tyson's case, this involves drawing from many different perspectives.
Like the backwards twist (above picture)
or the 'on all fours' position (below picture).
And sometimes the project calls for the standard laying on the ground position.
Unfortunately, Tyson's unique style keeps him completely covered in chalk from head to toe. Fortunately, it also keeps him very happy. Choosing between clean and happy is a pretty typical struggle for the mother of a boy. I gave up on clean a long time ago...
I choose happy.


Jo said...

You make this art teacher/aunt proud.

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Dirty definatley!!