Monday, September 20, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation...

Years ago when my requirements for furniture included cheap and "functional" (meaning able to support the weight of my homework and a bowl of ramen noodles), I purchased this end table for a measly $2.50 at a garage sale. It was ugly and brown with a fantastic formica top that held up to beer bottles (sorry mom) quite well. Awhile ago, I got a great idea to give this table new life with a few coats of fun purple paint.
But then Barney the dinosaur called and wanted his signature color back. I decided to go with a neutral cream color instead.
I jazzed up the top with this great penny round charcoal tile (the picture above was pre-grout).
With this being the end result. I LOVE it.
The pros, a cute table that will never need a coaster and holds up to all the matchbox cars this two year old can throw at it. Not bad for a 2 dollar table.
PS-the fun lamp? a $5 dollar steal from goodwill.
So then I realized I still have plenty of that cream pain leftover so I turned my attention to our bill payers desk. It started out with this very red stain and old, outdated hardware.
But with a few coats of pain and some new hardware it's as good as new. I was going to paint the insert at the top but I kind of like the two tone look (or I am too lazy to fix it, your call).
Jason finished it off by drilling holes in the back to turn those little cubbies on the top into a full charging station for our electronics.


Jo said...

Martha Stewart would be impressed. More importantly, I am quite proud of you. You are turning into such a grown up:)

Amber said...

Oh Jackee - I LOVE what you did with that little purple side table. It is adorable. Nice work!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

I love it...sure wish I had half your talent or ambition!!! But when you DO have that 2nd kid you will find out why I get NOTHING done at all!