Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Labor day weekend started out with the plan to do a whole lotta' nothing with a little puttering around the house thrown in. Then we heard about the Thresheree (yep, I spelled that right) going on at a nearby town. While looking at old tractors and steam engines aren't really my favorite ways to spend free time, I knew my farm grown husband and little boy would be in heaven.
Surprisingly enough, it was pretty fun. Tyson was in his glory and even sat on one of the running tractors.

...but only after the neighbor boys tried it first:)
I think this is what heaven looks like from a two year old boys perspective.

This is what heaven looks like from a mama's perspective.

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Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Love that last picture!! I think this is exactly why I had girls...although with having two girls, Nick still convinces them to do some "boyish" things!!