Monday, October 11, 2010


On the rare occasions that both Jason and I have the weekend off, the lazy mornings usually include eating breakfast and reading the paper. Apparently Tyson did not want to miss out on any fun. The debate over which one of us gave him the Toys R Us flyer (JASON) ensues.

Our once semi quiet ritual suddenly became filled with two year old squeals and a lot of "what's that mama?"
I have a feeling my days of christmas shopping for Tyson while he sits in the cart oblivious are long gone.

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Faith Hope Love Photography said...

;) Yep, I have to hide send the presents to work now and then sneak them in the house! And then when I get a large box of photos for a customer and it's close to their birthday's or x-mas they always assume it is for them ;) I still can fool Kya sometimes though!