Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Scary da Dragon

I was really wondering what this halloween would bring since Tyson is a little older and perhaps would understand things a little better. The evening started out with the usual wrestling match to get him into his costume. I thought it was going to be a rough night since my sweet boy spent a fair amount of time facing away from the camera pouting (or contemplating the long term effects of more embarrassing photos would have on his future love life) and declaring (loudly) that he would NOT wear his dragon head.
But alas, he met up with a neighborly Thing 2 and was able to vent to someone about the perils of having a mother so totally uncool.
Teaching the little boys how to trick or treat started out tricky. It took a few houses before they realized that simply standing at a door yelling "knock knock" wasn't as effective as physically knocking. By the end of the night he had named his character and was running around telling everyone he was "Scary the Dragon."
I think the candy helped coerce him into loving this holiday as much as I do.

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