Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This message is brought to you by...Tonka.

This giant Tonka truck was just one of the amazing baby gifts we received at Tyson's South Dakota baby shower. After keeping it stored for the year, we finally pulled it out realizing that maybe my little boy would be old enough to enjoy it. As you can see by his "excited face" (seriously, that is his excited face), he was pumped.
His daily routine now includes a quick inspection/tune up (or PMCS for anyone Army reading this). 
A run around the house while making the correct engine noises (PS-where does he learn how to do this? I obviously didn't teach his as my girly DNA makes this noise impossible to make). 
After the proper inspection, he loads the truck up with his favorite toys (which includes any and all balls and books). I believe in this picture he is attempting to hitch his chair up to the back to he can tow it. Since he was without any rope, he just put the chair in front of the truck and pushed really hard...it worked.
Phew, playing is hard work. Luckily his truck can double as a chair. 

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