Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road Trip Part Deux

So on Saturday morning we packed up our things (which took very little time due to the fact that we were childless) and headed to Jason's hometown of Pollock, SD to visit family and to head to another wedding...oh yeah, and to pick up our kid.
Tyson had a great time. In addition to being constantly adored (his favorite thing in life) there were a bunch of little playmates for him and some great toys. He was in heaven.  This little guy is completely obsessed with any and all balls (ball was his first word...and the first thing he says every morning) and of course, spotted this basketball immediately and wouldn't stop asking for it (Bah?) until Jason got it down for him. 
He carried it everywhere.
And needed to show it off to his cousin Tyler...or bonk him in the head...not sure which is happening here.
Next Tyson met our friend Justin and Elaine's little girl Emily. She wasn't quite sure what to think of him at first. 
She's still thinking it over.
But then her mom came back into view so everything was great once again.

The trip was a whirlwind. As always, we had to leave too soon and we had to spend way too much time in the car. Tyson is still not a great traveler. It seems he cannot physically sleep for any longer than 30 minutes in his carseat...which is a struggle during a 12 hour trip. 
Once again, I find myself noticing a difference between the kind of parent I thought I would be and the mom I have become. There was once a time both Jason and I loathed the thought of having a DVD player in our vehicle. We have to make this trip again in a month. If you'll excuse me, I think I need to head to best buy.


nsmorinville said...

I too was one that thought I could do without the DVD player but now find it amazing how people can travel far lengths without it...what I am doing wrong, that the kids need it on a 2 hour drive?? Although when they drive with us separately they are just fine...not fighting:)

Jo said...

In the second to the last picture, Tyson looks like a strange (because your are related) mix of you and our cousin Paul Melby?!