Monday, June 23, 2008

welcome to the jungle

We have attempted to put Tyson in his bouncy chair but so far he's not really a fan.
Maybe he's not a fan of the jungle theme.

We know he's not a fan of baths...even though he's darn cute in his duck towel.


Julz Rulz said...

Does your bouncer vibrate? I know the one we had did and my kids seemed to like that. They didn't however, like the toys that were hanging down. I know, strange kids. (Still strange.) And yes, he is very cute in his ducky towel. :-)

Jenny said...

He doesn't sound like he is a fan of anything....though he hasn't met me yet! But I bet he loves his Mama (even after you give him a bath). Sorry I don't get on here much-boys keep my busy and Jeremy hogs the computer all day for his classes! Anyway...I love this pix! Talk to you soon!

Jackee said...

The bouncer does have a virating feature and he doesn't seem to care for it much either. He also thinks sleep is for sissies.

Jo said...

Maybe sleep is for sissy's but I am all about it.

Jackee said...

me too

Julz Rulz said...