Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cordless babies and shopping trips

Tysons cord fell off and with a cordless baby comes tub baths. He hasn't grown any more fond of them than he was at the hospital I'm afraid.
Monday started out pretty good...Jason had to go back to work so Mom and Grandma took Tyson shopping. He was a big hit. Everywhere we went, people wanted to touch him and tell me stories of their children/grandchildren.

This is the look we got after a day of shopping with his mom and grandma. Ironically, this is the same look Jason has on his face after shopping.

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Julz Rulz said...

The pick of Tyson after shopping is really cute Jackee! Maybe he'll like it more when he gets older. :-) Wait, I doubt it. When they start being able to walk shopping is no longer fun. LOL! Just wait, you'll see what I mean! :-)