Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dad always says...

My dad always said "it's better to be pissed off than pissed on"...turns out he was right.
Once again, Daddy and Tyson. It turns out Tyson looks exactly like Jason's baby pictures. If I hadn't given birth to this peanut, I wouldn't even know he was mine!

I forgot the flash with this picture but it was too cute not to put in here.


Julz Rulz said...

I forgot boys have little water guns that you have worry about when you change them! LOL!
Jason looks so proud with the little guy. Very cute pics!
BTW, would you say a little prayer for Court? She goes in for her surgery tomorrow morning.

Jo said...

Jackee, I need you to teach me how to write a comment below a pic like that. Also, I am sure that you will handle this breast feeding thing well and know that it is ok to give him a bottle. Sometimes nature has other plans that you cannot get around.
Also, I wanted to call you so bad yesterday. I needed and still need my traveling buddy. While I get the importance of what you are doing, it doesn't mean that I don't wish you were here

Julz Rulz said...

Hey Jackee! Well, looks like I'm getting a taste of your medicine for awhile. This is one of the few times Courtney has left my lap since the surgery. The poor thing just started swallowing her own saliva last night. I gave her a Ferverall supp. to reduce her pain last night because she can't swallow her pain meds. Fun stuff I tell ya. Sleep is overrated anyway, right? Did I mention she can't talk? She has already lost about 5 lbs., so if she doesn't drink something today we are going into the E.R., again.

BTW I am glad you tried the bottle on Tyson. My utters didn't work that great either. You'll start getting more sleep with the bottle because he'll get more nutrition plus Jason will be able to help. I'm proud of you! He got the most important part of the milk anyway.

Take care and hopefully Mom and Jen will be able to help you.
Lots of love,

Jo said...

Guess what. Today was better. I started my morning out a little too early because things in Ireland don't start before 10 am or sometimes later if the person opening has something better to do. Anyway, I went to this church with a huge bell tower. I ended up spending 2 or 3 hours talking to the man at the desk. In fact, he told me that if I ever wanted to come back that I would have a place to stay as long as I cleaned the room:) How sweet is that, he even gave me his card.
I also met an artist who was originally from Seatle, WA but lives in Ireland now and she gave me her card too in case I wanted to come back but I would have to rent her place but still-options right.
Thinking about you and wishing hours of uninterrupted sleep.