Thursday, April 22, 2010

We recycle

Every monday afternoon Tyson gets a couple of playmates in the form of our neighbors. Owen is almost exactly a year older than Tyson and Grace is 8. Since the boys don't know much about Hannah Montana and Grace doesn't really get her kicks out of watching the tractors in the field, it can be challenging to come up with activities to keep all age groups entertained. Instead of choosing to enrich their minds with something educational (blah blah blah), I decided to let the kids go wild with some old magazines.
At first, only Grace really understood what was going on.
Then they really started getting into it...

At this point, their dad showed up to pick up his kids and witnessed this scene.
I wouldn't be too surprised if they found another babysitter.


Jo said...

Hi-larious! Great times.

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Ha/ha!!! That looks like so much fun...what a great activity...why can't I think of anything like that:) Hope you are doing well...sounds like you have been busy with figuring out your new camera and editing...challenging in itself sometimes!!

A Literary Treat said...

Hey! You have a great blog here!!! I hope you'll come and have a look at mine sometime...? :D xx

Wow, those kids look like they're having a LOT of fun! To be young, and able to have fun like that... well, I supposed we still do :D