Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jason

 Jason's 29th birthday was on the first of this month so we did some celebratin'. I was super excited to make him this lemon raspberry cake but it turned out better in theory than execution. Turns out I have two different size round pans but instead of shaving off the bigger layer, I just slapped on some icing in hopes that it would cover. The end result was not so fancy but at least it tasted good. 
Tyson was a little confused by the whole situation as he kept holding up his "one" to show us how old he was. I guess he thought he was getting another birthday. Here's a shocker to anyone who's read this blog...Tyson didn't eat the cake! My little nugget obviously didn't realize it met his sweet tooth standards and was so stubborn he wouldn't even try it. 
All in all it was a good day. I have been lucky enough to spend 7 birthdays with Jason so far and I hope there's many many more to come. Also, I get to celebrate the fact for 6 more months, Jason is older than I am. You can crack a whole lotta old jokes in 6 months. 

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