Tuesday, March 27, 2012

schedule schmedule

By the time Tyson had reached the 5 month mark, he was incredibly familiar with cameras and photo sessions already. We were very diligent about getting every milestone captured on film. (Super surprising that he remains in constant need of attention right?). Then poor Nolan came along and 5 months passed and Jason and I looked at each other and thought, hey maybe we should hang some pictures up of that new kid of ours. Except there weren't any.
Even the pictures I took myself were limited. Luckily my great friend and neighbor happens to be a photographer (Heather Rae Photography) and was kind enough to squish us in to her busy schedule. Now I finally will have something to put in Nolan's baby book. Thank goodness my boys look almost identical so if Nolan ever asks us about himself as a newborn baby, we can just point to Tyson's pictures. "You see this kid? You looked exactly like that."


Jo said...

Oh so many thoughts here. I am glad that your childhood without photos has not deterred you from doing nearly the same:) I love seeing these pics. He has got so big since I saw him last.

p.s. I think Jason's brothers will be particularly pleased with the reverent/prayerful pose wearing the John Deere hat.

Jackee said...

I think you're right Jo. I was thinking of them immediately when Heather pulled out that hat.