Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still living in the land of dinosaurs...

Jason's mom, step-dad and sister traveled all the way from South Dakota last week. In addition to completing almost all of our 'before baby to-do list' in the house (painting walls, stripping the deck, some serious deep cleaning etc), we also made the 100 mile trek to Chicago for a day. Our first stop was the Field Museum which housed a very impressive dinosaur exhibit. You can imagine what kind of reaction we got from our dinosaur obsessed child.

Even being chased by a flying Pteranodon didn't deter him from plugging along.
Meeting T-rex Sue was the best part of the whole day...and other than a brief attempt at stealing Sue's tooth from an elderly museum employee, all went pretty well.
After wearing ourselves out at the museum, we headed to the Shedd Aquarium.
Of course, nothing truly lives up to a full sized t-rex (or your grandparents and aunt buying all kinds of fun at the dinosaur gift shop) but there was some pretty neat stuff there as well.

Best parts of the day= spending a really fun day with family.
=going to places I've never been (always up for new stuff!)
=watching the person I love most in the world have the best day in the world.


Jo said...

I would also like to see some pics of the new wall colors and such.

Jen said...

I need to see this exhibit! I haven't been there for ages. Man . . . Tyson is just the spitting image of Jason! Glad to hear your pregnancy is going smoothly!