Monday, June 21, 2010

Ode to a father: part 1

Two years ago, you became a father. I won't lie, it took me awhile to adjust to life as a parent. Not you. You were made for this.

You instantly became a teacher, cuddler, catch player, lego builder, loving disciplinarian.
Not surprisingly, he watches everything you do trying to be exactly the same.
Little does he know that he was born that way:) Lucky for me, now there are two people like you in this world.

*pictures from Heather Rae Photography*


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

These are so priceless Jackee!! I thought it was you taking the pictures and I have seen how well you are doing!! Keep up the great work:)

Aaron, Sara, Grace and Owen King said...

Great post Jackee, you brought tears to my eyes! Love the pics too!

Geek_Runner said...

Love. It. Well done, Jackee and what a beautiful family! (Ps....when are you coming to Chicago or when am I coming to Janesville?) I've also been to coffee twice at your parents' house in the two days I've been home! :)

Jo said...