Sunday, May 24, 2009


Okay so here are some of the pictures from the Fargo Marathon (5K for us). This is me with my mom and 2 of the 3 sisters. Jen is dealing with some foot problems and probably would have gotten into some trouble with her doctor if she attempted the race. She was there in spirit!
(I realize the pics are a bit blurry but I have to confess that I snagged them from my sisters facebook account. Thanks Jo:)
Jo and I paired up to attempt to run (just for the record, the word attempt is strongly accented here. I haven't truly run since I was on maternity leave about 7 months ago). I think we did pretty darn good for my first race...though I did pay for my lack of training the next day (or two, or three). 
My mom and Julie paired up as the dynamic (injured) duo. They went for the walk/jog combo and did a darn good job as well. 
And finally the whole Svaren crew. (Bridget, the girl on the left is a good friend of the family so she was an honorary sister that day...and she kicked our asses just for the record). 

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Jo said...

Julie said you pulled a muscle. Did you?